Dominican Chimichurri Burger

A saucy, simply seasoned burger, topped with sautéed cabbage, tomato and onion, the Chimichurri Burger is Dominican street food at its finest!

Vacation is sooooo close, guys.

August is going to be quite the month for me as far as work is concerned – both my day job and the blog are going to have me busy! But before I launch headfirst into it…a little R&R is in order.
It’s a staycation, but I plan on getting some long-neglected stuff done around the house, as well as develop some new recipes and finally work on the eBook I’ve been trying to get done for the last year. Excitement!!!

A big part of me, though, wishes Mr. Crumby and I were headed down to somewhere tropical to enjoy some sun. Namely, the Dominican Republic, the place he grew up.

We’ve been a couple for over ten years, and married almost four, and he still hasn’t taken me to his childhood home. We’ll go one day, I have no doubt, but until then, I have to enjoy the food he grew up on in our own kitchen. One of my FAVORITES is this bangin’ Dominican Chimichurri Burger. No, no, I know what you’re thinking. Where’s the green sauce? This isn’t that kind of chimichurri.
Just call this guy The Chimi, and know that the two have nothing in common…aside from their deliciousness.

Chimis are traditional late night street food in DR, and are so beautifully simple to throw together. The seasoning in the meat is extremely minimal, because this burger gets its flavor from the sauce and the sautéed cabbage that goes on top.

You’ll never find two chimis that are the same. At least, that’s what my hubby tells me. The structure of the recipe is the same, but everybody does it different down there.

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